While grocery shopping I have often noticed people squinting their eyes to read the ingredient label in a small can of soup or box of cereal costing less than three dollars! Why? Because as a smart shopper you don’t always accept the advertising on the box as a full disclosure of what lies inside.

My experience is people don’t do this with their homeowner, condominium, or commercial insurance policy, which might cost them up to three to five thousand per month!  I find it ironic that we seem to be more concerned about what is in a 50 cent can of soup, but not a product that costs us thousands of dollars per year.

When people call me with an insurance claim, the first think I ask them for is a copy of their insurance policy to review. Most people don’t have a copy of their very costly insurance policy or will only send me a copy of their insurance declaration pages, thinking that the insurance declaration pages are their complete insurance policy. Reviewing the insurance declaration page is like reading the big print on the outside of the box of cereal without reviewing the ingredients on the label. The insurance declaration pages are only a listing of the coverages and endorsements of the insurance policy, similar to the titles of chapters in a book.

In order to get a full understanding of the insurance policy (contract) that you signed and purchased. As an insurance claim expert, I need to read the entire book or policy, not just the chapter outline.

The insurance policy is a very complex legal document that is full of exceptions that need to be reviewed in the context of the events that either support or reject your loss in damages to see if the insurance claim might be a covered event.

Unless you’re an attorney or public adjuster like myself and have studied how insurance policies are interpreted it is highly likely that you would misinterpret your insurance policy language?

The Solution – Get a Free Insurance Policy Review

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters is happy to review your insurance policy at no cost and explain to you what you actually purchased. Give us a call today and make sure you are adequately covered.

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