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How To File Your Irma Related Claim

Hurricane Irma left a trail of devastation as it tore across Florida.

In the aftermath of a life altering storm, #1 priority is to STAY SAFE

Once the recovery process begins, you will need to file a home insurance claim as quickly as possible to be compensated for your loss.

Critical mistakes in the beginning of the claims process can reduce the amount of compensation a homeowner receives. Find out how to properly file an insurance claim after a tropical storm with our experienced Public Insurance Claim Adjuster, Steve Venook.



You may be faced with the challenge of submitting an insurance claim after a storm, and should know the extent of your coverage, along with your options regarding the claims process. These details can be tricky and should be analyzed by an experienced professional working for you and representing your interests. Our experienced Public Adjuster Steven Venook can guide you through the process, protect your claim and help you receive the compensation necessary to rebuild your home.

Document the Damages

After the storm has passed and your safety is no longer in jeopardy, you should immediately document the extent of the damage. Take notes on what damages your home has sustained, and if you have any possessions that have been either damaged or ruined. Take as many photographs with a time and time stamp as you can to show the extent of the damage. These pictures can later be used to strengthen your claim and ensure your insurance company is aware of all the damage. If possible, gather receipts for damaged items to verify their value.

If it is necessary to perform emergency repairs immediately, and you cannot give the insurance company an opportunity to inspect first, thoroughly document the damages to your property before making these repairs. Photos, notes, and receipts can only help your claim. If you pay any expenses out of pocket, save all receipts and invoices. Be sure to take pictures of serial or model numbers of technical equipment, such as damaged laptops and televisions.

You can begin your cleanup process before the adjuster comes, but be sure to take photographs documenting your actions. You may be able to reduce the amount of damage to your home and belongings by carefully drying them out. Remove as much as you can from the inside of your home, and sort what can be saved from what cannot. Be sure to document all items that are thrown away. Run fans and a dehumidifier inside your home to help dry out the interior, which reduces the chance of mold and mildew. Carpets are extremely difficult to dry and may have to be ripped out. Assess the cost of replacing the carpet versus trying to perform dry out services, keeping in mind that the carpet needs to first be pulled up to ensure all the moisture underneath is gone. Drying out your home can prevent further damage, such as mold issues.

File Your Claim Quickly

Many homeowners will be filing claims with insurance companies, so it is important to ensure that your claim is filed in a timely manner. Because of the sheer volume of claims that are likely to be processed by insurance companies at this time, it is possible that your claim can get lost in the shuffle, causing delays to the repair process. Filing your claim as quickly as possible can reduce the chance of having to wait for compensation.

Steven Venook, is a certified Florida Public Adjuster with over 15 years of experience settling claims in Florida. Prior to becoming a Public Adjuster in 2002, Steve worked for large insurance companies. He has the insider knowledge needed to maximize and expedite your claim.

As a homeowner, make sure you are working not only with a licensed Public Adjuster but one with experience and integrity. Too many times, after devastating storms, have we seen un-licensed adjusters or adjusters with no experience at all, trying to make a quick buck off storm victims.

Even if you received a first payment from your insurance company or received a settlement offer…. GET A SECOND OPINION. Steve will be your personal insurance claim advocate. Once you get a written settlement offer from your insurance company, Steve will know what your options are to MAXIMIZE your claim.

Insurance companies have 90 days to pay your claim once their adjuster has inspected your property. Be patient, do not accept your first settlement offer…if you do, you may be cheating yourself out of thousands of dollars.

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