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Low Balled Claim?

If you feel your insurance provider has low balled your claim and/or sent you checks that are worth substantially less than the fair value of the claim, we may be able to reopen your claim and get you more for your damages. Never say yes to the first settlement offer. If you have received an insurance check, the urge to simply cash it and move on with your life can be overwhelming. Still, you need to be patient. You owe it to yourself and to your family to recover a full and fair settlement offer from the insurance company. To ensure that you are properly protecting your insurance claims rights and financial interests call Advocate Claims Adjusters for a free case evaluation.

Denied Insurance Claim?

One of the most common reasons why property damage claims are denied is because the insurer failed to adequately investigate the claim. If your claim is being denied or undervalued by the insurance company and you know that they did a poor job investigating your claim, you need to keep pursuing a better offer. Send us your policy and your letter of denial and we will advocate for your loss. You probably haven’t filed many insurance claims yourself, and chances are the claims adjuster that came to your house has limited experience as well. Advocate Claims Adjusters has successfully resolved thousands of claims.

The Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA), the research arm of the Florida State Legislature, released a report demonstrating insurance claim settlements are substantially increased, on average between 574% – 747%, when the policyholder uses a public adjuster.

Our clients most commonly ask us:

Will Accepting the Check End My Claim?

Before cashing an insurance settlement check, find out whether doing so will bring an end to your claim. You should look to see if the check comes with any documentation indicating that it is your “full” payment or “final” payment. If it does, the insurance company will likely view the act of cashing the check as your acceptance of that amount of the final settlement. The bottom line is simple: Do not cash a check until you have confirmed whether or not it is your final payment.

We also advise our clients not to proceed with permanent repairs until they are satisfied with the settlement offered. Doing so may complicate or make impossible the process to get a fair settlement.

No matter where you are in the claims process, we can help.

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