Construction Estimating Service

Construction Estimating Service

In the insurance claims industry, construction estimating is the process of assessing property damage, gathering quotes and bids to repair and replace damaged items, and providing accurate and complete cost estimates to the policyholder so you can properly restore your property after a loss occurrence.

At Advocate Claims Public Adjusters, we provide turnkey construction consulting and estimating services for Florida policyholders that have experienced a loss. Having depth of experience in the insurance claims industry along with many certifications and construction experience, we are able to provide clear and accurate estimates for the scope of work and cost of your property restoration project.

Services Includes in Our Construction Estimates

  • Documentation – Combine all quotes and bids into one comprehensive and accurate estimate.
  • Evaluation – Check the scope of each bid and the overall project to make sure the level of competence, quality and accuracy is represented.
  • Conceptual and Schematic Designs – Obtain designs from architect, engineers, and contractors to ensure proper planning protocols have been followed.
  • Materials Pricing – Obtain accurate projections for all material costs associated with the construction project to repair your property.
  • Labor Hours – Accurate projections of the number of labor hours needed to properly restore your property.
  • Bidding Process – Implement methodology for proper restoration including multiple contractor bids to determine a fair price for all services and products needed.
  • Final Summaries – Provide detailed summaries of all calculations and project scope including overhead costs
  • Change Orders – Proper accounting for all additional expenses that occur after the initial estimate has been completed.

Elements of Our Construction Estimates

  • A timeframe that works for both parties
  • Prices and price schemas that clearly explain the costs and how they will be paid (i.e. lump sum or hourly rate)
  • Payment terms for the project (deposit, draws, hourly)
  • Construction lien law protection for all work over $2,500
  • Recovery fund disclosure for proper handling of liens
  • Disputes, arbitration and termination of contract in the event of a disagreement once works commences

South Florida Construction Estimates

Steven David Venook of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters has been serving policyholders of Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties for nearly two decades. Venook has depth of experience working as a public insurance adjuster and representing thousands of residential and commercial property owners who have experienced some type of loss occurrence. He also has depth of experience in construction and holds many certifications in the proper remediation and restoration of residential and commercial properties.

If you need an accurate construction estimate for repairs to your home or business, contact Steven Venook at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters at 954-978-0886.

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