Condominium Water Damage Insurance Claim

Public Adjuster Uses Good Property Insurance Adjusting Practices to Win a Fair Claim Settlement for Condominium Owners.

Rick and Cindy spent their working lives in public service, Rick as a police officer, and Cindy as an educator. It was their dream to have a vacation home in a warm climate so they purchased a condominium in Miami, FL.

A contractor error caused a pipe break in a unit above theirs and entirely flooded their home with hundreds of gallons of water. They were notified and drove down to Florida to inspect the damage and meet with their insurance company. That’s when the insurance claim problems began.

The insurance claim adjuster spent very little time inspecting their loss and subsequently the carrier issued a check which fell well below the amount necessary to restore their home to a pre-loss condition. The couple contacted and subsequently hired public adjuster Steve Venook of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters. Steve met with the couple, reviewed, investigated, categorized and submitted the facts to the insurance company in a comprehensive and detailed package which delineated the loss and damages.

After an exhaustive and sometimes combative process, Steve stuck to the facts and negotiated a claim settlement where the insurance carrier agreed to pay the client for their dwelling policy limits and also reimburse them for their personal property and additional living expense loss. ( Since while in Florida, they could not stay at their condo and needed to rent a hotel room.)

Once they met with Mr. Venook, Rick and Cindy felt comfortable leaving to claim process in the hands of their Public Adjuster. They were able to drive back to Michigan and resume their daily lives. Rick said” If it wasn’t for Steve, not only would we have not gotten a fair settlement, we would have had to dig into our savings to restore the unit. And we would have had to use most of our vacation time from work, to oversee the claim process. “

Through the diligent and hard-nosed work of Steven Venook, the couple’s home was finally made whole and again they were able to enjoy their Florida vacation retreat.

Dealing with Insurance companies can be at times a complex and tedious process, any missed steps or any misfiled paperwork can lead to a lesser settlement. Steven Venook, President of Advocate Claims Public Adjusters remarked: “When homeowners begin an insurance claim process, they don’t always realize the amount of work and knowledge that is needed to successfully arrive at a fair settlement. “

If your insurance company representative tells you that hiring a Public Adjuster will either stall, delay or get your claim denied, you are being bullied. She or he knows that once a policy holder hires his or her own insurance claim expert, the scale tips in the homeowner’s favor.

Public Adjusters are not miracle workers. They cannot get you more than what your insurance policy covers. But an experienced Public Adjuster can definitely help maximize your pay out. The Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA), the research arm of the Florida State Legislature, released a report demonstrating insurance claim settlements are substantially increased, on average between 574% – 747%, when the policyholder uses a public adjuster.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters has been in business since 2002. Steve Venook, a Florida Certified Public Adjuster and Florida native, has processed thousands of claims. Get an insider’s knowledge and experience to work for you. When hiring your personal claim advocate make sure the public adjuster you are working with is certified and has stellar references and testimonials.

Have Advocate Claims represent you and file your insurance claim. Email or call 954-369-2869​ we are ready to help!

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